Client Financing
The state of Arkansas sets the premium at 10 percent of the bail the judge sets, example: Judge sets bail at $5,000.00. 10 percent of $5,000.00 is $500.00, so your premium will be $500.00. On top of the premium, the state of Arkansas requires us to collect $80.00 state and local fees which would make your premium a total of $580.00

We will finance your premium under the following requirements: #1. Bail has to be $2,500.00 or more at which we will finance half of the premium, not the state fees.
example: If your bail is set at $2,500.00, your premium would be $250.00. #2. Half of the premium is required down, so with state and local fees, you would pay $205.00 down and we would finance the balance of $125.00. Your payments would be set up to be paid according to the agreement that is made between client and myself. Statements will not be sent out, pay your payment on or before the date set on the contract. 

If payment isn't received with in a week of the due date, the whole balance becomes due. We except the following--
Your Bail Has To Be Set At $5,000 Or More